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Hundredth Birth Anniversary of Sri Sri Sri Avadhuthendra Saraswathi Swamiji

On the eve of swamiji hundredth birth anniversary I went to Radha Krishna Mandhiram and Avadhuthendra Saraswathi Ashramam which is located at Kandaluru village near by Ongole (Approximately 20kms from Ongole – Ongole to Pondhuru Road Way) established by Sri Namanandha Chava Nageswara Rao gaaru who is a strong disciple of swamiji. I came to know that he has not even seen swamiji. Eventhough he was very much impressed and inspired by the Bhajans, speeches and simplicity of swamiji. He invited me to attend this function. He received me with full of affection even though we never met before. After sharing thoughts of each other i came to know that he is my “Athma Bhandhuvu” & he also felt in the same way. I was spellbound with the arrangements made by Sri Chava Nageswara Rao gaaru. His Commitment, Sincerity, Divinity, Discipline and High Respect with utmost love on swamiji impressed me alot. The Total Function Hall maintained with pin drop silence except Swamiji Bhajans rendered by the devotees of swamiji like Alapati Rama Rao garu and others. The invitees and disciples of swamiji stand hours together due to full of audience to hear the Bhajans, Speeches and felicitations with full of love on Swamiji in their hearts up to 3pm also without taking their lunch. The function hall reverberated with VASUDEVA for every minute till the end of the function. Invitees, Audience and Disciples of Swamiji whether they knew Swamiji or not organized the function with utmost high respect and love on Swamiji. Sri Chava Nageswara Rao gaaru felicitated me though I am not doing such a pleasing work as they do. I felt i am nothing when compared with their respect, regards, dedication and devotion towards swamiji except establishing website. After completion of function I returned to Hyderabad with full of inspiration to dedicate more on website and make Swamiji’s ideology forever through out the world.Now, I can say proudly even though I may live or not the ideas of swamiji, His Bhajans, His Speeches will continue forever through the nonselfish, principled and organized devotees of swamiji like Sri Chava Nageswara Rao gaaru and his supporters. IT IS TRUE & WILL BE DONE.

Note: I will update the main events of this function very soon with the help of Chava Nageswara Rao gaaru.

Thank you
CSPS Krishna Kumar,
Guntur, A.P
MOBILE – 9704146909/9866200148

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