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About Us

I am also one of the disciples of “SRI SRI SRI AVADHUTENDRA SARSWATHI SWAMIJI” (Sri Raghuvaradasu garu). At the age of 10 years onwards I went to Sri Ramanamaksheram, Brundavan keshtram and Ramakrishna mat in Gutur and heard the Swamiji Bhajans. On auspicious days and yearly festivals organized by the above organizations. I admired with his speeches, bhajans, sapthahams and ekaham’s. Even though I was very much immersed with his bhajans. I did not get opportunity to talk with Swamiji at least once at that time. I attended twice or thrice aradhanaotavams conducted by his disciple Smt Mastanamma garu (Savitri - cousin of my mother) at tenali after his niryanam.

After his demise we have tried to get at least audio cassettes of Swamiji bhajans. At last I got two audio cassettes. After a long period of searching more than 15 year’s continuous persuasion we met Sri Chandrasekhar garu nearest disciple of Swamiji. He has given much information, video clippings, photos and audio bhajans. Some of the disciples of swamiji expressed their feelings that they want to hear the Swamiji‘s voice at least through audio/video cassettes. For that reason and also to promote the way of Bhajan culture established by Swamiji to Andhra and also to all devotees we want to start this web site. I request his close associates, admirers and disciples also to give their suggestions after seeing the web site. This is a non-profit web site. If any disciple wants to down load the bhajans of swamiji freely. Any disciple wants to add any extra information please contact us we will update the web site day by day. In this regard I am very much thankful to Sri Chandrasekhar rao garu, Hyderabad, Master Sri Sriram Garu, Vuyyuru, Sri Kanumuri Peddi raju garu, Hyderabad, Sri Shyam garu (web developer) and also disciples of swamiji who are known to me.

Thank you
CSPS Krishna Kumar,
Guntur, A.P
Email: kumar@sriraghuvara.com

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