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History of Swamiji

He went to Gwalior for learing music and successfully completed his five-year course in 15 month. He was given a job in the same college, but had to return to his village on hearing the news of the death of his mother.

But Later he approached Mahaveer Dass who asked him to read Tulasi Ramayana daily and also to seek the guidance of Shri Janaki Vallabha Charanjee. With whose benediction he was given mantropadesam. From then onwards he assumed the name of Sri Siya Raghuvaradas and took to reciting Vedas and Tulasi Ramayana.

On the eve of Kumbhamela he went to prayaga where his daily sankeerthana of Bhagavannama kept the devotees in a state of trance. From there he visited several holy places in the north propagating the name of God with his resonant voice.

He spent some time in the asramam of Sri Prabhudatha Brahmachari at Brindavanam reciting Bhagavannamam daily. After visiting various holy places he came to Guntur in 1944 at the invitation of seetharamanama sankeerthana sangham. He returned to prayaga to serve his guru but by the invitation of Sri Ramanama Kshetram he has to visit Andhra again in 1948. He toured almost all the villages and towns in Andhra propagating the name of God through ekahams, sapthahams and hanuman chalisa.

Subsequently the Swamiji took to “turiyasramam” under the guidance of sri sadasivendra Saraswathi swamiji. From then onwards he assumed the name of “Sri Sri Sri Avadhutendra Saraswathi Swamiji”.

He visited thousands of Temples all over India and of them more than 5000 in Andhra Pradesh itself. In almost all the temples he has visited, sculpture have been laid out on which Hanuman Chalisa was embedded in all different Languages.

This Spiritual Guru got “SIDDHI” on June 11th, 1975. As of his wish, he was not buried but was dropped in Krishna River, for what he thought that his body would serve as food for water living organisms.


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